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Goodyear Employees Credit Union - Serving Our Members Since 1961!

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution, owned by it's members. Credit Unions are "not-for-profit" organizations, and we exist to provide a safe, convenient place for members to save their money and borrow at sensible rates.

Credit Unions, are closely regulated and operate in a very practical manner.

The membership fee is .25 cents, and you MUST have $5.00 in shares to be an active member.


Things You Should Know

  • The Goodyear Employees Credit Union is owned by it's members.
  • All members receive $2,000 free accidental life insurance. Additional coverage is available.
  • Checking accounts are available with $50.00 to open and no minimum balance is required.
  • All of our loan rates are based on your Equifax Credit Score.